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Amy is a writer. She writes about all things geek and travel. She is most well known for her blog, Geek with Curves. She contributes articles covering topics from Star Wars: The Clone Wars to tabletop gaming to several websites. She utilizes social media to spread the word about her recently posted articles. She is always ready for the next assignment and believes writing is far more important than sleeping.

She lives in Los Angeles and has mixed feelings about it. In her free time she likes looking for Star Wars toys, throwing knives, watching her favorite movies and television shows on endless loops, and finding abandoned places and dark corners to explore.

  • Geek with Curves

  • io9

    The New York Times misses the point on Game of Thrones… Again

    Last year the New York Times published an interesting "review" for Game of Thrones. I'm sure many of you remember it: reviewer Ginia Bellafante called the series "boy fiction" — and the tide of internet rage was felt far and wide.

  • Nerd Approved

    Harry Potter Highlights: My Favorite Scenes

    In less than two weeks fans of Harry Potter will be lining up in Hogwarts robes and pointy hats for the last time. In theory. Star Wars fans probably thought that when they got their Jedi robes dry cleaned for the Return of the Jedi release in 1983. Part II of The Deathly Hallows, the last book of the series, comes to theaters on July 15.

  • IGN

    Once Upon a Time: Season 2 Review

    Once Upon a Time's second season connected a lot of dots. Flashbacks and stories from the present day continued to weave together to show ties between characters and plot threads, and we met tons of new characters. They presented themes of the classic good vs evil, sacrifice, and heroism among others, and they got most of them right. Overall, it was much more consistent and cohesive than Season 1.