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Amy eating Pho

For a penny, Amy will scribble anything you want from summonses, decrees, edicts, patents of nobility… oh wait, that’s Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale.

Amy is a writer who speaks geek.  She writes about comics, conventions, cosplay, and other topics that don’t begin with the letter c.  Like travel. She is in love with Star Wars and addicted to cons.  She has a broad definition of the word adventure.

  • io9

    The New York Times misses the point on Game of Thrones… Again

    Last year the New York Times published an interesting "review" for Game of Thrones. I'm sure many of you remember it: reviewer Ginia Bellafante called the series "boy fiction" — and the tide of internet rage was felt far and wide.

  • Nerd Approved

    Visiting Wizarding World’s Diagon Alley

    The streets of Universal Orlando seemed empty. It was a Thursday morning and the park had only been open for half an hour. I could take photos with no other people in them...

  • IGN

    Supernatural Season 9 Review

    It's time to take a look back at Season 9 of Supernatural. If you need to get in the mood, put “Carry On Wayward Son” on in the background. The Winchesters, as usual, went through hell this season.